Why Choose a Certified Kingdom Advisor?

Benjamin Glover has earned the Certified Kingdom Advisor™ designation.  He has done so because of a deeply-held belief in Biblical financial principles, and the desire to show a commitment to incorporating Biblical wisdom into all aspects of the work he does.

What is a Certified Kingdom Advisor™?

A Certified Kingdom Advisor™ is a disciple of Christ who has committed to be a person of character who, from a biblical worldview, serves clients with biblical financial advice in order to properly steward the resources entrusted to them.

More and more Christians are discovering that the worldview of their financial advisor is of critical importance. Kingdom Advisors has created the Certified Kingdom Advisor™ designation to provide confidence to those looking for financial counsel from a biblical perspective. Additionally, Kingdom Advisors has developed a nationwide, searchable database to assure the general public that an advisor indeed has met the criteria required of a Certified Kingdom Advisor™.

The Certified Kingdom Advisor™ designation is given to advisors who:

  • Complete the Kingdom Advisors’ Core Training
  • Assert their belief in Jesus Christ
  • Provide evidence of their technical competence
  • Provide evidence of their personal integrity
  • Commit to personal stewardship
  • Commit to incorporating biblical wisdom into their financial advice

You can learn more at the Kingdom Advisors website. Additionally, you can search the database to verify current standing of our advisors.